Escort Booker / Assistant

I am a virtual personal assistant for independent escorts, providers, companions & courtesans.

Based on the West Coast of The United States, I offer my services both countrywide and internationally.
Having previously worked as a luxury companion but now settled with my husband and young children, I can't think of a better way to utilize my expertize and time than to help other independent escorts financially grow and succeed.

From marketing to admin and screening, I can handle it all for you, so you can relax- whether you are backed up with client visits, or you don't want to spend your 'day off' in front of the computer!

Scroll down to see all info and pricing;
Please don't hesitate to get in touch (email if you have any further questions.
I am here to work for you and not vice versa, and therefore I will always try my best to accomodate your needs.

Need advice?

New to the industry? Just getting started or been around for a while but need more clients?
Ask me anything you want! From where to advertise, how to present yourself, or help choosing which photos to use- see my pricing below for more info.

Administrative Services

Away on vacation? Back-to-back with client appointments? Want to spend more time with your family?
From responding to client messages, to filling up your calendar and organizing your schedule, I can do it all for you..


Don't have time to consistantly post on social media or create business ads?
I can do this all for you- from posting your photos on Instagram or retweeting posts on Twitter, to creating ads on independent websites such as Eros and Slixa.


Possibly THE most crucial aspect of arranging bookings. I can screen clients however you most feel comfortable, from verifying via employment or looking up clients via LinkedIn and social media (Facebook, Twitter etc).
Having another individual instead of yourself do your screening can be worrying, but rest assured, you are in safe hands. I would never arrange a client meetup without properly verifying their background beforehand.


Starting from scratch? I can design you a clean cut, simple yet effective website, built through
This would include copy writing, proofreading, creating content and key words for search engine optimization- so you wouldn't have to pay out hundreds per month for a big company to do exactly the same work!
I can also maintain your website for you, although you also have the option to do this yourself afterwards.
Please inquire for links to previous escort provider websites I have created.



Ask me anything

Whether you are new, experienced, ask me whatever questions and however many questions you need:
From which sites to advertise, to how to get more clients and how to screen, and anything and everything in between!

$65 - up to a 30 minute phonecall
$50 - ask me anything via email (in up to 3 emails)

Booking Assistant

-  Email Management
- Screening potential clients
- Scheduling appointments
- Calendar Management

$275 per Week / $975 per Month

Booking & Ads placement Assistant

Everything in the Booking Assistant Package, plus:
- Ad creation and Placement on independent websites such as EROS, Slixa, plus free websites.
-Daily postings and bumpings

$375 per Week / $1250 per Month

Booking & Social Media Assistant

Everything in the Booking Assistant Package, plus:
- Light photoshop editing 
- Twitter Management (Posting daily on Twitter, retweeting posts and creating engagment to build followers)

$375 per Week / $1250 per Month

The Ultimate Package

All inclusive of the above three packages- let me do all the work for you!

$475 per Week / $1500 per Month

Website Design

- Template website via Squarespace
- Personalized fonts and theme tailored to you
- Copy Writing (Content worded and written by myself)
- Light Photoshop Editing

One time fee of $450

Please see below for examples of previous work, my website is credited at the bottom of each site: (password texas1)

Build your own

*Prices are for 1 week unless stated otherwise*

Twitter only (Posting daily, RT'ing and being active multiple times a day) - $120
Ads Management Only - $120
Professional Photo Editing with Adobe Photoshop - $10 per photo

Strategic Marketing Plan

New to the industry? Experienced but looking for ways to bring in new clients? Or simply want to improve on the type of clientele you have?

Written by myself, and for a one-off fee, I give you a 10 page (microsoft word size) breakdown of everything you need to know, to maximise your earning potential with an in-depth guide on:

- How to put your website together; web hosting recommendations, what to include on your website.

- How to market yourself as an upscale companion; the kinds of photos you should be taking, plus do's and don'ts.

-List of Social Media Sites, how often you should be posting and how to get the most followers, equaling maximum client attraction.

- List of advertising websites, including both free and high-traffic paid ad sites, and how to get the most visibility and what to include to attract upscale gentlemen.

- Auto-response email template to respond to your client inquiries with.

- Follow-up email advice for us to reconnect later on and me to advise how you can improve on the above.

This is invalueble content to be found nowhere else online- unpublished by myself.

One time fee of $350

* Payment is due prior to services *
* Please be aware that the above services are for my time only. Expenses that require payment such as ads on certain websites, domain names, website builder fees etc are additional fees that must be covered by yourself *


Why should I choose you over other virtual assistants?

Unlike many other assistants, my experience is not limited to just admin and marketing skills. Having previously worked as an escort, I know what to expect regarding the industry as a whole, from unreliable and rude clients, to the importance of the background and verification process. Privacy is important, and therefore I only use protonmail, a secure email service based in Switzerland.
Depending on the packages chosen, I only take on 3-5 providers at one time. This ensures I set aside enough time throughout the day to properly dedicate myself to your needs, resulting in the highest quality of service possible.
I also work around the clock, whenever time allows, including evenings.

Do you need access to my email and social media accounts?

For emails, you have the choice of me either responding to clients in your voice from your email account (easiest option), or you can set the auto-forwarding option for your emails and I can respond to clients via my email account as your assistant.
Fo social media, I would need your login details to post from your accounts.

What is your schedule?

My official schedule is:
Mon - Fri: 9am until 7pm
Saturday: Check-ins throughout the day
Sunday: Check-ins throughout the day
*Pacific Time*

I am flexible and open to working around your local time zone, depending on my current schedule.

I also respond to client emails outside of the above hours when time allows, to avoid pile-up.
Mon to Fri client response times of 45 mins maximum.
Weekends are my time to run personal errands, which is why the slower response time (up to 3 hours unless I'm at home).
On weekends, I always let you know when I won't be able to check emails.

How many new clients can you get me?

I'm sorry, unfortunately, I cannot 'get' you any clients- I am an assistant, not an agent or agency.
I work with your client base and inquiries. I can put up free ads online, and handle your paid ads (cost covered by you), but I cannot promise X amount of bookings.
I can certainly put ads on many advertising platforms, but if you are looking for guaranteed extra income, I would suggest approaching a local reputable agency, who already have an established client list.

How long will it take for you to respond to client emails?

Usually within minutes, 45 minutes on a busy day. If i need to be away from my computer for an extended amount of time, I will notify you and ask whether you'd prefer me to make up the time on the same day, or a day at the end of the week/ month.

What are your payment options?

I accept major debit / credit cards, or paypal if you are outside of the USA.
Strictly no refunds, unless I have to cancel on my end (this has never happened as of yet!).